Your firm is unique, so why would you want to be forced into the same mold as every other company searching for group insurance?
At HealthFirm, we recognize that the needs of each employer are quite specific, so we focus on understanding how your organization differs first. We could not begin to offer solutions until we have a clear understanding of your challenges, goals, and corporate philosophy. Consequently, we work with a diverse and respected group of businesses. We have partnered with these businesses to deliver innovative, thoughtful, and workable solutions to their specific challenges.
Of course, we offer products. However, our ideas and solutions tend to be more about creative concepts, planning and delivery than about any given product. Our perspective, on designing and implementing the products we do recommend, is grounded in integrity and common sense. Group health insurance has to satisfy the needs and goals of both the employee and the employer. As important as a sound comprehensive benefit plan is for an employer to compete for loyal and dedicated employees - equally as vital is the necessity for the plan to fit the budgetary constraints required to keep the operation viable. Working together, you will find there is very little we cannot do. And we do believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.
At HealthFirm, our staff will work with your company to create the right program, at the right time, for the right reasons.
Employee Benefits Programs Include:
  • Group Life, Health, Disability & Dental
  • Flexible Employee Benefits
  • Payroll Deduction Plans
  • Self-Funded Programs
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Cafeteria Plans - Health Care and Dependent Care Spending Account
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