Are you temporarily without health insurance?
No one plans to have an unexpected illness or accident happen to them.
But let's face it -- the unexpected does happen. That's why going without health insurance, even for a short time, puts you or your family at serious financial risk.
Don't take the chance! Get temporary health insurance that protects you or your family -- for only dollars a day.
 Don't walk a tightrope!
Don't walk a tight rope!
Protect yourself and your family.

Short term health insurance provides affordable temporary health coverage.
Short term medical insurance can protect you if you are:
  • Between Jobs
  • Waiting for Employer Group Coverage
  • A Recent College Graduate
  • A Temporary or Seasonal Employee
  • A Dependent No Longer Covered on Parent's Plan
  • On Strike, Laid Off or a Terminating Employee
Sign up for short term insurance today!
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